Watch Gay Lynn describe how she will be a leader who listens to your concerns and fights for your best interests.


Watch Gay Lynn discuss the importance of electing leaders who believe in unity.


Watch Gay Lynn discuss how we can improve our public schools here in Utah.


Watch Gay Lynn discuss how we can be more effective stewards of our beautiful planet.

Gay Lynn's Speech at The Art Factory


Watch Gay Lynn's speech at the Art Factory in Salt Lake to learn more about how she will fight for the causes you care about.

Why Gay Lynn?

Current HR 46 representative Marie Poulson, District 8 senator Kathleene Riebe, and other members of the community examine Gay Lynn's candidacy.

Jim Bennion's Introduction at The Art Factory


Watch Jim Bennion, a self-described moderate republican, introduce Gay Lynn and discuss her passion for building a better future.

Gay Lynn Bennion Endorsement Video

Why should YOU vote for Gay Lynn Bennion? Members of our community have weighed in. Let's see wht they have to say!